"Conditions for Reintegration" with USAC meeting Nov 18th

Is Colorado getting closer to having a combined USAC/ACA association? This Friday your ACA club is encouraged to attend a special meeting with the CEO of USAC, Steve Johnson. Attached is the Full Agenda for the Meeting and below is a snippet of it

6:00 Welcome, Introductions, and Roll Call of Club Presidents

6:30 Presentation Steve Johnson, President & CEO of USACycling

6:45 Presentation Bill Barr, President, ACA Board of Directors
Clint Bickmore, Vice President, ACA Board of Directors
Chris McGee, Executive Director, ACA

7:00 Statement of Conditions for Reintegration

1- For the first three years in which the ACA serves as a Local Association of USAC, the USA Cycling
Development Foundation’s Center of Excellence of Award will provide $20,000 per year to the ACA for the
ACA’s Junior Development Program.

2- As per the LA Agreement, USAC will rebate the ACA $10 for each full price license sold in the ACA’s LA
area (Section 2.2) during the Term of this agreement. As all ACA license members who join USAC as a result
of the ACA becoming the Local Association are in excess to the 2011 licenses sold, the ACA is due an
additional $5 for each license sold during the 2012 Term of this agreement (Section 2.3).

3- The Local Association can set local policy regarding race points points series, upgrades, various LA fees,
including but not limited to: calendar fees, surcharges, race kit fees, officials’ fees and race day duties,
calendar date request fees, required EMT on site for all races, and the continuation of existing programs and
continuation of existing staff.

4- The ACA will work with USAC personnel on providing transaction process flow from the USAC license web
application to include ACA local association process flow. Additionally, the ACA will provide USAC web
personnel local association information to include with license purchase confirmation.

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that assumes that the only

that assumes that the only way a promoter makes money and pays out prize money is through entry fees. it would have nothing to do with being able to find sponsors for the race. It's way easier to lure big sponsors when you have real pros showing up to race and actual people out to watch.

Have you not even seen the degradation in the quality of events the past couple of years. Numbers are down, the events lack interest. So the ACA has gone after the quick buck. That being the masters beginner categories. This is not a good long term strategy.

More than half of those beginners quit once they upgrade. Otherwise you would see the sizes of the upper categories growing, not shrinking. The beginner category sizes have remained stable the past 5 years. they are not growing. They are big and have always been big. But each year 10s of riders from those categories upgrade. Hence, field sizes should be getting bigger. But they're not.

Show me the numbers

I would love to see the numbers on this. I just got upgraded to 3's and almost everyone who got upgraded this year is there at most of the races. Its like the top 20 of 35+Cat4 just moved up into a new category, and the guys winning are getting upgraded to 2's. A perfect stepping stone of succession, Great job ACA for forming 35+Cat3!!! So I have no idea what you are talking about, or how your supposed numbers could be true. Most guys are thrilled racing 3's and want to try to improve, one recent Cat4 guy already won 2 races in 3's and is in 2's now. Very Confused. How one can say the sport is not growing is beyond me.

USGP did not have a monster

USGP did not have a monster turn out and both events were dual sanctioned. Right now the biggest cross races like Blue Sky and Boulder Cyclocross Series are averaging 600+ riders with strong SM and SW open fields. If this was USAC the higher costs would easily drive away 100+ of the participant riders.

How will USAC improve the events

I am not sure how becoming a LA under USAC is going to improve the quality of the events. It still all comes down to the promoter and how much effort they put into it. Based on experiences racing in other states, the ACA has done a superior job in helping set some uniformity to the execution of the events while leaving the extras (bands, beer tents, big prize money, etc) to the promoters. My experience racing other places (USAC) is that there are a few quality events with plenty of cobbled together office park crits and remote road races. Crits often were running way behind schedule and you were happy to see them get the top 10 scored correctly. USAC did nothing to help the promoter improve the quality, facilitate permits, have race kits, etc. It is still going to fall to the local association which we already have without the unnecessary overhead of a buearacratic national organization.

Can't be to encourage more racers.

I'm not sure there is a benefit unless you are a pro who wants to race locally, and surely that issue could be addressed as adults rather than the childish way USAC are approaching the issue.

Higher license fees and potentially higher race entry fees is not going to do a whole lot to encourage more newbies to the sport.
It would make the MTB race scene where for many races no license is required very attractive. I doubt I would be the only person to not renew my license next year and go race MTB.


it is not about him, he does make some valid points, seems there are just as many reasons for Not being part of USAC. on a different topic, would the age groups be the same in USAC?? Because that is all about me!

who is it about then?

I'm a crappy 35+/4, I'm not going to nationals anytime soon. I'd prefer to not pay extra $$$ to race just so "the whole range of riders and disciplines" can benefit. There has to be something in it for the majority of the population, not just the elites, which is the clear impression I get.