SOAS Triathlon & Endurance Sports Clothing: I Heart this Lycra!

From Staff Writer, Cheri Felix

Full disclaimer: I don’t run or swim or ride a road bike or do triathlons. This is what I told the people from SOAS when they asked me to review their Red Houndstooth Tri Kit. “But I’ll ride my mountain bike and go to spin class and for good measure, I’ll run into spin class, “I added to my pitch. So they sent me what at first glance were a pair of lycra shorts and a cute matching tank. At second glance, it might be some of the most comfortable lycra I’ve ever worn.

If you’ve read my other reviews of clothing you know I am a mountain biker. Baggies all the way. The more disheveled the look the better so I was a bit skeptical. Until I put on the shorts. I think they are the cutest lycra shorts I’ve ever seen. And dare I say I think I look really good them. They are super comfortable. The stylistic touches are spot on. The houndstooth design on the perfectly crafted waist band is cute. The just wide enough waist band is comfortable in that holds in any bit of blubber you might have kind of way. Although I am sure you don’t have any. There are three just the right size built in pockets on the back that are great for holding your locker key, your $5 bucks for coffee and your gel. The chamois is slight as I suspect is preferable for triathletes since the bike is just one of the three events. It’s soft and cozy in all the right spots and perfect for spin, running indoors and yes, I did wear them while out for a mountain bike ride. They also worked perfectly for weight lifting before spin class. Which is not super fun when you wear cycling shorts that have a big maxi pad for a chamois.

The tank is just as cute and just as functional. The two pockets on the back are just right for me; low. Often on cycling jerseys, I have to reach high (in an uncomfortable way) to get my music or snack. Maybe I am like a T-Rex. Maybe my arms are short. But let’s move on from the pockets and get to what you really want to know. Did the shelf bra hold the ladies or not. I’ve had three kids and I breastfed them for a total of 5 ½ years. I need all the support I can get. The bra worked great for me. Held everything nicely and made them look like boobs versus a smashed sandwich no one wants at the table. The only thing I would have changed is the color scheme and this is super personal but why else would you read this if you didn’t want my whole truth and nothing but my truth? The color scheme (for both shorts and tank) involves white, red, grey, black and that awesome houndstooth. I wish that either the black or the herringbone was the main part (read: the part over my breasts). Why? Well besides the fact that I heart the houndstooth, I shall I put this…big…you know what I mean. And the pretty red didn’t disguise them as much as I would have liked. That’s a personal problem and shouldn’t be held against the product but just be aware if you have anything that is big and rhymes with dimples. Luckily the Tri Kits also come in other colors like black with teal and pink and… seriously they have tons of super cute options. You should check it out and either buy yourself some or buy someone you love a new kit. Nothing says merry whatever like a new kit or jersey.

It must be said that I am constantly evolving. My loved ones would put it another way. They would say I ALWAYS end up doing the things I say I’m NEVER going to do. After wearing the SOAS collection, I started a new sport; indoor treadmill running (wink wink). I’m not sure I’ll ever do a triathlon (never say never) but you can bet your sweet dimples if I do, I’m going to do it in my new SOAS gear. Until then, you can catch me at the gym in some super sweet houndstooth enhanced lycra. Why not look great when you are doing something that makes you feel great?

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