Jeffco new Slash site causes concern for cyclists

From a concerned reader

Apparently this will cause increased truck traffic and debris on the road for a road that already can't handle the traffic is already has.

A hearing is planned for April 3, 2012 before the Jefferson County Commissioners to allow a commercial slash site on Pleasant Park Road between the Grange and US285. 40 - 60 trucks daily are expected. We are concerned about noise, dust, debris and traffic and feel a project of this type does not belong in a residential area. They will also be running the facility on weekends. To voice your opinion on Case No 11-113350SU
please contact:
Case Mgr Aaron McLean 303-271-8727 []

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Wood chipping/slash site project for Pleasant Park Road, Conifer

URGENT! URGENT! URGENT! All e-mails opposing this project must be submitted by Tuesday, 27 (tomorrow) to make the commissioner's files for review. What we desperately need is for someone to attend the hearing Tuesday April 3 at 8:00am at the Taj in Golden., to represent the cyclists There are only a few residents on this road and they don't have a big enough impact. If this project is allowed to go through it may be expanded to include a pellet making facility. Google 9 news silver plume wood pellets to see a similar facility in operation. It is scary to think something of this type could be built on Pleasant Park Road. We want to keep this a recreational area. If you haven't already done so please e-mail and or call 303 271 8525 to voice your opinion and say NO..Wrong place for this type of project. More info available at If someone would go to the meeting, pls contact 303 697 8121 for more information. Thank you for your invaluable support!