Skratch Labs host training Camp for Christian Vande Velde

Skratch Labs of Boulder and their cycling evangelist Allen Lim hosted a training camp for Christian Vande Velde as he prepares for the Tour de France this summer. Attendees were, Evelyn Stevens (Boulder), Dave Zabriskie, Tim Johnson and Taylor Phinney. When seeing such great names show up to work with innovative coaches like Allen once again solidifies why Boulder & Colorado are such a great place for the cycling enthusiast!

After a beautiful ride up on the Peak to Peak Highway, George Thomas of Over the Top Radio and 303Cycling caught up with Christian and talked not about "the plan" or the tour, etc but what is it like to be a demanding athlete AND a parent at the same time.

Other interviews
- Evelyn Stevens
- Dave Zabriskie

Next week listen to George as he talks with legendary Boulder cyclists Davis Phinney about everything but bikes.

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