Shredly: Look and Feel Good While You Ride Rad.

Ana Maria MTB short

There are some things that are easy to wear. They fit right. They wash well. They pad your ass and they make you look good. How rad is that? Well even though me saying “rad” sounds funny that’s what I’m talking about; being rad. And Shredly will help get you there.

Shredly is owned by Ashley Rankin. Ashley is in Carbondale and somewhere a while back she decided that what women had to choose from for mountain bike clothing was boring with a capital B. So she created her own line of clothing. Designed what felt good on her. Chose designs that are eye catching and completely different than anything else you will see on the shelves

And now she’s made it even better in 2013; new designs, more colors, more options and yes I can attest (cause I have that kind of self confidence) that her clothes still make you look good and they free you up to do what you do best; ride your bike. Shredly differentiates themselves by being versatile. Mountain bike clothing is not cheap so if you are going to pay a pretty penny wouldn’t it be nice if you could wear the shorts to kayak in, to hike in, to do yoga and let’s face it just wear around town (like I do)? Wouldn't it be nice to get a major bang for your buck?
O.K. here are the things you need to know.

  • Shredly is made in the U.S.A.
  • Shorts are made from quick dry stretchy material that breathes well and dries quickly.
  • The shorts have thigh vents (for when you get hot).
  • Shorts come in three options; Basic, MTB, Downhill Knicker.
  • The MTB and DH Knicker come with thigh vent zips and waist adjuster Velcro tabs.
  • I highly recommend the MTB shorts if you are one of the girls with a small waist and realistic size booty. I am shaped like a boy (no discernible hips) so they both fit we me well.
  • The liner is cozy and sufficient and removable. So easy to go from trail to beer and a camp chair.
  • The Jerseys come in three options; Basic, All in One and Cargo.
  • The All in One has a small zippered pocket and the Cargo comes with two open pockets in case you want to forgo the hydro pack.
  • All Jerseys are breathable and cozy and make you look totally rad.

Cheri wearing the Ana Maria MTB shorts
and the Teal All in One Jersey

Here is the bottom line (no pun intended). Shredly hit a homerun with the new MTB and DH Knickers and new options for the jerseys. These products are unique, versatile and super silky stylish. Not lying. Not exaggerating. Not joking. And if you are a boy who knows a girl and you want to knock it outta the park, get your lady love some. She’ll thank you for it.

Let me know what you think.

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