Tuesday Coffee Talk - Life Time bans for Dopers? - Discuss.

Based on recent comments from the success of a former suspended rider for doping it appears that many riders would like to see bans on dopers to be for life. Some say that once a doper - always a doper. Sounds like once they are tagged with this offense they cannot escape its stain and are considered a branded man by the peloton.

But why just doping? Why is this rule so terrible at the amateur level as compared to a racer purposely taking another rider out? What is it about doping that gets everyone so upset? And EPO for that, don't some of you find it odd how so many racers have asthma inhalants at a race? For pros I get it, it's their money and jobs they are stealing but the racer who takes me out because he's tired of me braking in the corners and leaves me with no skin on my right side can easily re-enter the peloton with little problem?

I want to be clear on this, this is about the concept of the offense and the rule not about an individual.

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The outrage expressed at

The outrage expressed at those getting caught for using PEDs is indeed curious because there are plenty of ways to cheat in sport that directly harm fellow competitors and the integrity of the event(Kris listed a few) just as much as PED use. Yet it certainly appears that we reserve a special level of moral outrage for PED use. Seems there are a number of reasons for this. Perhaps because of the clandestine nature of PED use or their association with "recreational" drugs and all of the moral/character implications associated with recreational drug use.

Agreed - not much is said

Agreed - not much is said about other forms of cheating, such as drafting off of team cars to get back up to the peloton. If a racer is off the back, drafts off of team cars to get back up to the peloton and then wins the race, has that racer also "stolen" the race from another competitor?

If there was a scale of

If there was a scale of reprehensible offences in bicycle racing, I don't think doping worse than taking a racer out. However, the latter can be dealt with at the race, e.g. if I get taken out I can talk with the racer (I'm in control of the situation). Taking a racer out could also be up for interpretation...'rubbing is racing'. Doping is doping. Violation of the rules. Doping is invisible (sans inhaler, etc.) and we all like to think our fellow racers "wouldn't do that". Naively we trust them to do things fairly and when we hear/read about an amateur racer getting busted after a race, gran fondo, going for a Strava KOM ;) we all feel a bit betrayed, perplexed and let down.

Right on, I don't care that much about dopers

Dopers are hurting themselves mostly with the risk to their health. Yellow line violators are total asshats because they cheat completely open for everyone to see. Yet when was the last time you made fun of a fellow racer for yellow line violations committed in a race 2 months ago? NEVER. The absolute worst is when racers bring violence to the race and it happens often, more than it ever should.