Short Tracking racing - The Fight Club for Cyclists

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From Outside Mag

Welcome to “Fight Club” for mountain bikers—a midweek short track cross-country race. In short track, which has also been called “dirt criterium,” riders race elbow-to-elbow on a 1- to 2-mile closed course for 20 to 30 minutes. The first to finish the predetermined number of laps, wins.


In terms of value for money and time, short track is hard to beat. $10 to $20 buys your entry into the fray, and race venues are down the street rather than a 2-hour drive away. Warm-up to finish takes less than an hour. And you don’t have to dedicate your life to training.

Boulder Short track gets under way June 4th
Fort Collins Short Track is already underway!

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Even so

Well, I did the whole short track series last year on Wed and the Peak-Peak crits on Tues, and I wasn't fried, and I got pretty good results. I'm a lowly cat 4 and 'C' level racer. And if what you say is true, that's a dozen more racers that each series gets. What's wrong with that?