Shimano Cyclocross Series Annoucement

Dear past Boulder Cyclocross and CYCLO X Racer,
This Year's CYCLO X Series has some new and exciting changes as the long standing Boulder Cyclocross Series and CYCLO X Series have merged to form the NEW Shimano CYCLO X Series powered by Boa Technology.  Each venue is set up to test and challenge the athlete in unique ways, so come December we're able to crown the best cyclocross racer in Colorado!  
When it comes time to train get ready for; the power sucking grass of Interlocken, the tight woods of Xilinx, the grand stair case of Westminter, the run ups at Louisville, the sands of Boulder Res, the lights of Castlerock, plus many more iconic elements at each venue! 
TIMING; The CYCLO X Series will feature live chip timing!  Friends and family can track the lap splits and action remotely on their smart phones or home computers.  Once athletes cross the finish line they'll have instant access to all their splits at our live TV Timing Tent, located in the event expo!  This year you'll be wearing a neoprene ANKLE strap with the timing chip.
NEW ADDITIONS [Relay 50]:  After the extremely positive response of the pre-season Relay 60 event we've decided to incorporate one more relay race into the regular season.  The schedule of Storm the Castle allowed us a 50 min window before the lights fire up for the SW OPEN-3 and SM OPEN races.
UNDER THE LIGHTS:  The vision and credit for Storm the Castle joining the series goes to Race Director and course designer John Haley.  Colorado cyclocross has been needing a race UNDER THE LIGHTS for some time now. We couldn't be more excited to bring it south to Castlerock. This is BRAC Junior Cyclocross Camp weekend.  Jr. parents please be sure to check out the BRAC website for more info on the BRAC hosted Junior Camp
SERIES POINTS:  Without the addition of 3 new events to the series your points standings will now be based off your best 5-events, so if you race all 8 events you can drop your lowest 3 scores.  Look for more info on the website on series points.  This year Interlocken and Westminster will feature 1.5x points, and Double points for the series championships.
SIENNA LAKE:  With so many good venues, including the return of Westminster, we had to make the tough choice this year to leave one out.  Park officials love and fully support the event, and after the rain/snow damage of last year we came to an agreement to let the venue fully recover before another round of cross.  I know this was a favorite of many, ourselves included, and we promise it'll be back in 2014 as we decide which venue to rotate through next.

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