Boulder Sheriff makes negative comments on new Bike Bill

Sheriff Alderdern is probably happy as can be to hear that the Boulder Sheriff has concerns that the new bill makes cyclist immune to prosecution. In the Daily Camera article today Pelle is quoted,

"On the county's open highways, he said, cyclists would not be required to use the special shoulders added specifically to separate riders from traffic."

Maybe by law cyclist will be not required to use the lanes but I can be pretty sure that I will be in that lane when riding and law or no law I appreciate the money Boulder has spent on those lanes. It appears the Pelle's statements are focused on the large group rides which once this bill passes I guess will make it harder to ticket. What are your thoughts?

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Take, Take, Take?!

Nice BikeSmartly, classic generalization. . .90% of cyclists. Well on behalf of those 90%, I'm not really so sorry to embarrass you.

I really don't understand the Boulder County Sheriff's position that it is now very difficult to ticket cyclists. If you are impeding traffic, particularly if the cop behind you says he was unable to pass you, he can still give you a ticket for impeding traffic. Impeding traffic, of course, is the biggest problem that drivers and law enforcement have with cyclists, particularly large group rides that take over the entire lane and do not move over for traffic. So as far as I can tell, those individuals will still be ticketed.

While I realize that the "3-feet-to-pass" rule asks law enforcement to make a judgement decision, not unlike ticketing for tailgating or aggressive driving, let's be realistic about how this will be enforced. If someone passes 2'7" from you in a non aggressive manner, they are fine. If someone moves toward a cyclist aggressively and gives 1 inch, they will get a ticket.

What exactly is so unreasonable about that? And what exactly is the cycling community "taking" without compromise? A chance to ride safely with an actual law protecting you? Is there specific wording that 'BikeSmartly' would like to see in the bill?

This bill simply creates an atmosphere where aggressive drivers can be ticketed for creating an aggressive environment. It does not promote aggressive or irresponsible riding by cyclists in any way.