Sheriff Alderden testified against Colorado Senate Bill 148

My heart goes out those living on the north side of Hwy 66, how can you ride in a county filled with so much hate from elected officials? Apparently the sheriff of Larimer County recently testified against the new proposed Colorado Senate Bill 148 which focuses on bicycle safety.

More on this at the Daily Camera Opinion Columnists, Mike Ellis

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Residents Opinion

From Fridays (2/27/2009) Coloradoan

If you want more insight to Sheriff Alderden's opinions and his supporters opinions check this out

Here are some quotes

“THANKS for the common sense perspective on the bicycling issue. Where can I direct comments about my position on this issue? (bill sponsor, etc).”

“I just read The Bull's-Eye from Sheriff Alderden. What can we do to help? I'm appalled that this Bill wasn't thrown out! ... As far as we are concerned the bicyclists are getting way too much consideration now! Jim is our hero!! Let us know how we can help!”