Friday Fun - Footballer to Cyclist, Shannon Sharpe's story

Wow, this is the outlook a true athlete has regardless of his sport. Shannon Sharpe is a Hall of Fame inductee and former Denver Bronco.

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I've met Reggie and must say

I've met Reggie and must say he was a nice guy, but, c'mon... he didn't exactly transition to being a bike racer. Sure, he raced bikes, but he was far from successful at it and he didn't begin to transform into the right body type.

Shannon Sharpe seems to be a good guy, I've always respected him as a player. But, let's not kid ourselves. He's not going to be a bike racer, not even on the track.


Very cool to see that being healthy is a lifestyle for Shannon and not just one he was paid to live while in the NFL. I bet he could transition his explosiveness pretty well to the track and pack a huge sprint.