Discussion on appropriate cycling infrastructure

Recently we ran a survey on Bike Lanes vs. Bike Paths and had some discussions on the topic and also another survey on Sharrows.(Want to learn more on sharrows? See Google search) Next cycling infrastructure to mention is the Separated Bike Lane. In short, a separated bike lane is one that usually runs parrellel to a street however is physically separate from the auto traffic, making impossible for a car to imped the cyclists lane. Boulder has one separated bike lane on 13th street, see video below. Separated bike lanes have many benefits, largely in that they are safer which for many will encourage them to ride their bikes more.

Boulder's Separated Bike Lane

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Avoiding the door zone... separated lanes would avoid this

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Also known as a

Also known as a "contra-flow" lane specifically when the separated bike lane goes the opposite direction of traffic, like the one we have on 13th st.

I remember seeing these in Amsterdam, and having them blow my mind. The traffic lights include one for cars, one for pedestrians, and one for bikes. So awesome.

I am a big fan of these. I love the one on 13th street, but I question it's value for being so short, and it's connectivity. Was that specific one worth the investment? I don't know.