100 hours of community service for driver in death with cyclist.

From the Daily Camera

Kirk Condon, the driver who struck and killed Boulder athlete Terence "T.J." Doherty while he was riding his bicycle last July, was sentenced to 100 hours of community service Monday after accepting a plea deal with prosecutors that spared him jail time.

TJ was killed last year in July as he was riding his bike east bound on Hwy 36 near Violet Avenue. This section of roadway has taken other lives as well as noted in this detail insight on that section. Also the family of the victim are not seeking jail time if Mr. Condon had entered a guilty plea deal according to the paper.

Prosecutor Madoche Jean said Doherty's family -- none of whom were able to attend the hearing -- approved of the plea deal beforehand.

"They agreed if Mr. Condon accepted responsibility we would not request jail time," Jean said.

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