Colorado Road Season is over... already?

This weekend we saw the final road race in Colorado.... and now the season is over and CX starts next week. While I am very excited for CX to start I am surprised that the season is over especially considering it starts in such crappy weather season of April.

Here a reader comments on the season ending so soon.

What do you think? If they had more races would they come or is the peleton burnt out? Should the season start later and end later? Is overlap of CX and Road a big problem (ACA resources is the first that comes to mind).

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Road Races

I think the season should start later and spread the road races through out the season. Right now most of the road races are in April, May and June. Hill climbs in July and criteriums in August.

i also think cyclocross season starts a little early. Cyclocross races should not be held until October.

September is a great month

September is a great month for pro racing.
Tour of Missouri
Tour Aviener
Tour of Britain
A bunch of cool one day classic in Italy and Belgium
World Championships
...All these guys start racing in February...

We start racing in April and are mostly done by early August?

Funny how the Cross racers burn out by early-November or the first sign of weather...

When should Cross start??

Hmm, it's a tough call. I could see Cross starting a little later, but it would require the Road season to extend. Some time in between is nice but not to long. With Cross gaining popularity more and more riders are using those late races as prep. I personally raced Deer Trail 2 50% for training for Cross, 50% because it's a great race (good hills) and 50% because I haven't raced that much this year.

One reality is those early sunny Cross races are great for the "new to the sport". If your first ever Cross race was in horrible weather what are the chances you'd be back a second one??

Maybe cross could go beyond Xmas?

Why must CX end before Xmas? At the moment nationals is the last race... we could extend this well into Jan or Feb.... but I doubt many racers would stick with it.

As for the cx'ers burning out in Nov... my guess it is because they don't like the cold and/or they are tired from starting the RR season (training) back in Jan... Doing road AND CX does make for a LONG racing season!!

Too little planning and not enough racing.

I think a few of the issues are...

1. Lack of a consistent (too many canceled races) and defined schedule at the beginning of the year.
People don't like to do a race after they had already planned on gorging themselves on beer and hotdogs on Labor Day for instance. I think some more long term planning would help.

2. Too many races more than 2 hours from Denver/Boulder. With gas people just will not make those trips anymore. Who has $500 to spend per weekend? It's probably asking the impossible as far as permitting and costs go, but closer races on more interesting courses I think would see a higher overall turnout.

3. Cross starts WAY too early. Isn't it a late fall/winter sport? September is our nicest month.

I also think that great mid-week racing like DBC put on really fills in the gaps.

Of course I realize this is hard to do, which is why promoter's have a tough gig. My hat goes off to them either way.