Schleck 1 and Schleck 2 commit to Colorado Cycling Challenge

The tour is over but you still need more? Well according to the Denver Post they are reporting that according to Versus the Schleck brothers have committed to racing the Colorado Cycling Challenge.

From the Denver Post

Andy and Frank Schleck, the highly decorated Luxembourger brothers who finished second and third, respectively, at this month's Tour de France, have committed to Colorado's USA Pro Cycling Challenge next month, according to Versus network.
Pro Cycling Challenge officials could not confirm the report, announced Sunday at the conclusion of the Tour, saying they won't receive official team rosters until the first week in August.

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Tour of Colorado Name

Andy Bohlmann here.

Sand Creek Sports, Inc. has "Tour of Colorado" registered as a CO Trade Name.

In the Fall of 2009, I went to Denver to meet with two of then Gov. Ritter's "task force" he put together to try to bring a major UCI stage race to CO. In 2007, I and the Medalist Sports marketing person went to Denver twice to meet with Government top staff including the Governor's personal aide/spokesperson

The task force people asked if I would sell or license the "Tour of Colorado" name to them. The answer was, "Yes" and it could include the domain name and logo. During that meeting, the CEO of CO Tourism even called them to make sure I had arrived and the meeting was in fact, taking place. They never did get back to me with an actual proposal for my lawyer to review.

Medalist Sports also told me(sometime late last year?) they, and I assume the Sandwich people, did not want the name either.

Now, I have gotten several requests from foreign National Federations wanting to send teams to the, "Tour of Colorado" and everytime Phil Liggett mentioned the "Tour of Colorado" on Versus during the Tour de France, there was a huge spike in web site visits to nearly 2,000 on Saturday.

I have worked with several marketing agencies in an attempt to raise sponsorship but haven't had any luck even at a minimal level for ACA CO riders/races.

Colorado is the big looser here and several tourism officials throughout Colorado have told me this. Yes, we'll get a big race and it will certainly help CO tourism, but no "Colorado" in the name or on the jerseys.

Let it go man, you got out

Let it go man, you got out flanked, it happens. You have been running the "Tour Of Colorado" as a lot of us know it for a few years now, but it has just been a collection of races, from all different promoters, not really a tour per say. This event is a few steps up the food chain, which I think you would have to agree with.

As for Colorado it sounds pretty self serving to say Colorado is the big loser here. I think the state will be fine and could care less what they call it. Although I do agree the name is sort of stupid, as is all the changes to the name.

This is going to be very

This is going to be very cool! I'm planning on getting in at least the Springs, Steamboat and watching the finish Downtown. Many beers will be had along the way.

I can't find a rider list, anybody know who else besides the Schlecks are committed to race?