Bike Safety Bill clears the house

The Senate Bill 148 (aka Bike Safety Bill) cleared the house by a vote of 52-13! Below is the latest from

March 30, 2009-
The Bicycle Safety Bill (Senate Bill 148) cleared another hurdle today on its journey to becoming a statewide law. The Colorado House of Representatives passed the bill (3rd Reading) on a strong 52-13 vote. Bill Sponsor Representative Michael Merrifield (D- Manitou Springs) passionately promoted the bill during the House debate.

Next the bill returns to the Senate to consider changes made by the House. Bicycle Colorado has strong concerns about one House amendment that prohibits a bicyclist from passing another bicyclist on state highways with lanes less than twelve feet wide. We are working to determining the actual affects of this language.

We will continue to work with the Legislature to improve this language and ask bicyclists and everyone wanting safe roads to be ready to weigh in on this language one last time. Please sign up for our email alerts* as we usually get only one or two days notice before a vote. Email alerts allow you to get news directly and you may unsubscribe at any time.

Bicycle Colorado also thanks all the co-sponsors of the bill and Representatives who spoke in favor of bicycle safety: Speaker of the House Carroll, Rep. McNulty, Rep. A. Kerr, Rep. Priola, Rep. Sonnenberg, and Rep. Frangus.

The vote was not without drama as an infrequent 3rd Reading amendment was introduced by Representative Green (D-Golden). The amendment would make motorists wait behind a bicyclist until there is dashed lane marking, even if it is miles until the marking appears. This repeated the debate from a similar amendment made last Thursday by Representative Looper (R-Calhan). Both times the amendment was handily defeated.

Thank you to everyone participating in this public process by contacting your elected officials, forwarding emails, and keeping in touch with the bill. Your help is absolutely making a difference, especially when our grassroots efforts are challenged by well-funded interests. Bicyclists span the political and economic spectrums and your efforts help educate our elected leaders on all the ways bicycling benefits Colorado. Thank you from Bicycle Colorado.

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