Safety First

This was the cover to one of the Christmas Cards I received this past year. A friend of mine ended up in a serious biking accident earlier that year and the Christmas card photo was what was left over from the accident. The good news is he recovered and we meet at CX nationals in KC on the sidelines since both of us were disabled from racing it that year and both of us will compete in 09. How did this happen!? Was it a car, racing accident, poor road conditions? No. My friend showed up to meet a few friends for a ride, took his bike off of his car, put the wheel on and forgot to clamp the skewer on the front wheel down, then later on the ride rode to the front of the group and bunny hopped a dead squirrel in the road... Front wheel came out on the jump and had a course of its own.

Point of the story? We ride nearly everyday, training, commuting or just having fun and many of us (including myself) should stop at least every now and then to check our bikes. Once I did a random check on my bike and found the stem bolt very loose... think of what kind of story that could have turned into!

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