Iconic Boulder cyclist has wild stolen bike experience

Ryan Van Duzer, one of Boulder's more well known cyclist who doesn't wear a lot of spandex got 2 of his bikes stolen, one he personally recovered and his more prized bike still on the loose. Hear how it all went down

From Ryan's Facebook page

It's amazing how life works sometimes. I've been inside all day, avoiding the snow and editing video. There's no food in my house so I call my neighbor Summer to go to lunch. She picks me up and while driving down Broadway I see the SKIP bus in the other lane...with my cruiser bike on the front rack. I yell out, "fuck, that's my bike!" (Sorry to sweet little Rylee in the back seat who sternly tells me that I said a bad word). We flip around and chase the bus, I'm in full on rescue mode. The bus stops, we pull up, and I run toward the driver. "Who put this bike on here?" He points out a young man who quickly denies it. The kid walks off, not putting up any fight. I was still in a bit of shock so I didn't chase the kid, and instead jump on my bike and ride it home.

If I hadn't left my house at that exact moment I would have never found my bike. I actually didn't even know it was missing. As I rode it back to it's parking spot, I notice my New Belgium cruiser (the one I rode across the country) isn't there. Oh shit, I really hope it's in my mom's garage, I can't remember if I left it there before leaving for Central America. She's at work not answering her phone...time will tell on that one.

I've had many bikes stolen in my day, nothing sucks more, especially for a guy who relies on them as his main form of transport.

Bike thieves beware...Captain America is coming to get you!

Read on about Ryan's Ode to a stolen bike

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Colorado Springs Styolen Bike recovered

Good story.

My son in Seattle had his 2003 Felt road bike stolen a few years ago but it turned up in a pawn shop. Two weeks ago someone took his front wheel but replaced it with a traditional spoked wheel. http://gazette.com/stolen-bicycle-recovered-after-craigslist-sting/artic...

Today's Colorado Springs Gazette reports a stolen bike recovered from a "sting" in Craigslist.