Duzer does Canada to Mexico

Photo Credit: Paul Aiken

Ryan Van Duzer is once again jumping on a bike for another epic two-wheeled tour. This time he’s heading down the west coast, 3,000 miles from Vancouver to Cabo San Lucas.

Every inch of the journey will be documented with words, pictures and everyone’s favorite, VIDEOS! All the daily action will be at http://ryanvanduzer.com as well as weekly articles printed in the DailyCamera.

The goals are:

A.) Travel at 15MPH and discover an America you can’t experience while wizzing by in a vehicle.

B.) Ryan will riding for the People for Bikes campaign, gathering signatures to help build a national movement to improve cycling in our country.

C.) Raise money for Community Cycles, an amazing bike advocacy group in Boulder committed to getting people on bikes.

In Ryan’s words, “I’m 31 and have never had a driver’s license, if I can ride thousands of miles on a bike, more people can think about leaving their car in the garage and instead ride bicycles around their communities, our planet needs our help.”

The ride will be as eco friendly as possible, no support cars allowed! Ryan will pull a trailer with all his gear, including a computer and camera to be able to broadcast the adventure in near real time.

Ryan is a die-hard bicycle promoting goofball. Last summer Ryan rode a cruiser bike across the country working with New Belgium’s Team Wonderbike and the League of American Cyclists. He’s also ridden down the East Coast of the U.S. and after serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras; he rode his bike home to Boulder Colorado.

Videos of past tours

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