Are you ready for Roubaix?

Are you ready for the greatest RR in the front range? Usually the Boulder Roubaix takes place in the spring... early spring, making it difficult to be prepared for the enduring course however this year DBCEvents has moved it to the fall along with the Boulder Race. But for many this is not a welcomed change, many folks who follow traditional training patterns get there endurance in during the spring using Roubaix either as another training event or a yardstick however in the fall many of those same riders have long given up on endurance for speed training for the crit events. In addition to the course this year will have a new twist like never before... HEAT. Those waves going in the afternoon will be most likely experiencing "Africa Hot". While some will get their training in Nico style they might suffer in the blazing heat of the afternoon. I've started my Roubaix training by alternating between early morning rides and afternoon rides, either way you train for it, this race is going to be hard.

See you out on the dirt!

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