Tuesday Coffee Talk - Road User or Road Abuser?

Interesting find last week, this one from the Victorian government in Melborne Australia. Related to this video is a facebook page which has a Road User or Abuser quiz. The quiz throws me off a bit as some of the questions are unique or phrase for those living in Australia but the concept is the same, are you the one making problems on the road?.

This reminds me of a piece we ran a few years ago, Are you practicing Conscious Cycling. With club/team rides getting into full swing these days are you being aware of the role you and the group you are in taking on the road? Once in this pack "bubble" do you care?

Personally I don't think there are many riders out there whom I would consider "road abusers" when riding by themselves it's when that rider gets in a group ride that is true abuser status shines through. He is that guy riding third man to the left on a shoulder-less road and not really trying too hard to remain aware of cars behind him.... because he is in the group. Nothing is wrong with group rides, it's how they are managed but who manages them? On team rides this question is easier to answer and trying to make your ride have some sort of conscious to other riders isn't that difficult (right?), but those bigger ones that just have riders show up like the Gateway ride in Boulder.

How do we manage road abusers in cycling?

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