Road Rage on Carter Lake Ride

Follow up from the Road Rage on Carter Lake ride

From another reader....

If this helps the investigation at all, the dark grey truck is not a Chevy, its a Dodge. Has extended side mirrors for towing. I've seen this truck several times on Cty. Rd. 8 during my rides at Carter Lake but each time I can't quite get the license plate info. On May 2, 2010, this same driver passed us (6 riders) while we were descending on Cty Rd 8 at the posted speed limit (east bound). The driver crossed double yellow lines at a very high rate of speed (as all of us are entering a blind left bend in the road)and nearly ran head-on into a maroon Ford Explorer. The truck swerved to avoid the Explorer, also nearly taking out another rider off the front of our group and sped away. This is person is psychotic and you should extreme caution. Just pull all the way off the road if you have it.

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Larimer County Sucks

Stopped doing the Carter Lake ride years ago. Larimer County is just full of a bunch of Republican Rednecks. There are much better rides, with quiet roads out there.
Get one of those HD Helmet Video Cameras. Turn it on everytime you are in the redneck country.

RoB blows

I can honestly say that although I've heard lots of stories I've never been bothered up at Carter. The hostile drivers must be able to sniff out the Liberal Losers from Boulder and leave us fellow Larimer Cty citizens alone.


I have been living in/around the Boulder area since 1993, and I stopped riding Carter Lake in the late 90's. It can be a wonderful ride, but I decided that I would rather live to ride another day. This guy in the truck is not the only one out there trying to screw things up. This has been going on for as long as I can remember.