Truck Crashes Cyclist on Carter Lake ride

There's usually two sides to every story but this one cyclist nor months of poor cycling choices ever justify this reckless and lethal behavior this driver showed in the email I received below today . I hope some of the improvements on lefthand canyon prevent things in Boulder getting as bad as they are in Larimer County.

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So I was out for what I thought was a typical solo Saturday training ride yesterday. I was coming up on some riders as I was going across the south dam at Carter Lake at about noon. I had just passed a lone rider and heard a vehicle coming from behind. I got over on the shoulder and as this truck was getting next to me it swerved over, hitting me with the mirror. Trying to remain calm I held upright and kept right on the edge of the road/dirt. The truck then continued hitting me at least 3 more times each time pushing further into the dirt off the side of the road until I crashed. Once I was down it swerved back into the street and continued on, blowing their horn at the groups of cyclist I had been closing in on prior to this event.

My bike suffered a slightly tweaked front wheel and a few scuffs and since it was nice and cold (thankful after crashing and cussing it beforehand) I had plenty of clothes to shred, so my elbow/forearm tears and hip rash and bruises are not so bad considering what I went through.

Two guys that I had passed just prior to this stopped to make sure I was ok and when I asked if they had the plate number they had not been able to focus and remember it. I think they were in as much shock as I was after seeing what had just happened. I have their contact info but after talking to the police it doesn't seem that much can come of it because nobody was able to get the plate numbers.
The truck was a very recent model dark gray Chevy extended cab with the blue CO veterans plate. From what I could get it may have a had a B,H, and V in the first 3 digits but that was the best I could do.

I keep hearing of more and more road rage incidents and was really disgusted with the actions that this person took and find it hard to understand.

Riding back home was lonely and stressful but in the end I rode off some of the soreness in my legs and burned off some of the adrenaline from it. Gotta get back out and ride now to try and get this behind me. I am really afraid that this person may kill someone if they aren't caught soon!

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GoPro time

That is plain disgusting. The driver of that pickup deserves being charged at least with "Assault with a deadly weapon", "aggrivated Assualt", etc.
I'm starting to think that I'm going to have a GoPro or two (or similar video camera) on my bike at nearly all times. This way I'll be able to record the incident and hopefully the plate and other identifying marks of vehicles. Maybe Bicycle Colorado or another organization can get together a group buy of sorts so we can have large numbers of cyclists out there all recording the actions of others.

Agressive Driving

I noticed that a lot last summer riding out that way on 63rd and 75th. I had a guy in a truck towing a wide trailer almost run me off the road. I was riding well in the shoulder and there was no oncoming traffic, he didn't move over in the slightest, hey may have even swerved lightly toward me causing his wide trailer to clip me in the left elbow causing me to almost go over the bars. I have also had people honk at me as the ride by just to scare me. This aggressive behavior is scary stuff, I try and ride with friends these days as it hopefully helps deter this predatory, aggressive behavior. That's terrible though man, I wish I had been there to help/ get his plate numbers, fellow cyclists need to be more vigilant about these types of assault.


I would like to hear the OTHER SIDE of this tale. The truck hit this person four times? REALLY? REALLY? Was it his/her ex-spouse? It just seems a little far fetched to me.

Not called for

What kind of comment is that? The guy got deliberately assaulted by a motor vehicle. While I know for certain that he is not a newbie it doesn't make any difference. Riders of all abilities have a right to the road. I would think as a cycling community it would be beneficial to support each other in regard to this kind of aggressiveness not beat each other down.

with soo many colorado trails

with soo many colorado trails and bike paths, you morons have to ride up the mtn road where visibility is next to 0 going around one of those tight curves, where the road wasn't designed for bikes+cars+falling rocks..ect.

IMO some of you deserve to get run off into the ditch.

with so much land in the flats

With so much open land in flat front range section of colorado it is silly you choose to build a home in area's not designed for communities. No hard feelings when your homes gets burnt down.

Bet this comment sounds just as smart of the previous one.

It's not too difficult to live together.


This was a random act. No ex's....CONFIRMED.
The comment about hitting the brakes misses the mark because this truck slowed to run right beside me and kept bumping over further into the dirt with each push.
After the mirror hits and you're feeling the truck on your side while you're on the last 3 inches of paved edge, hitting the brakes and going under the truck is the last place you want to be.
I have received info on what sounds like an identical situation that happened 2 years ago but I need to confirm before I know where this information leads.
In the meantime take the warning as REAL this can happen to you!