Road Rage near Red Rocks results in ticketed driver

Recycled After some discussion on Facebook about the recent shooting of a cyclist with a BB Gun the discussion returns to riding with camera devices. And in some cases, THEY WORK!

Makes you wish we all had a front and rear video camera! BUSTED

Video was taken by Paul Gallas of

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Makes me want to go out and purchase a front and rear camera for this very purpose and start knabbing people like this. Thanks for posting!

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You First

I see drivers "breaking the law" up that canyon every time I ride up there. Speeding, passing other cars over the double yellow, running the stop signs, etc. Are you going to run your fellow drivers off the road too for breaking the law? I didn't think so.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

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I ride up and down that

I ride up and down that stretch several times a week. I've only seen cyclists run one stop sign at the very bottom of the climb. What other type of law breaking are you referring to? I find that most cyclists stay well right on the shoulder and most cars give me lots of room. I've even had a car wave me past on the way down because I was going faster than them.

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This is just west of

This is just west of Idledale, just short of halfway between Red Rocks and Evergreen. I have one of these incidents every other time I ride it, it seems. Tight shoulder and blind corners (though not on this stretch). Most drivers are respectful, though I suspect tolerant is a better word.

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Maybe you should find

Maybe you should find somewhere to ride OTHER THAN a road with no shoulder, and blind corners. Have a fundraiser, and build a bike lane. Paid for by the bicyclists that use it.

Til' then, quit your complaining, we aren't driving on our cars on your bike paths, now are we!

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Actually yeah, I see cars

Actually yeah, I see cars veer into bike lanes all of the time. Does that give me the right to start shoving my cleat into your quarter panel when I catch back up to you at a light, or knock out some glass with my pump as I pass your car parked over the line in a bike lane? Because that is what you are insinuating. Maybe that means I should slash the tires of all cars in the neighborhoods where I find tacks on the road. Or even hurl a water bottle through your windscreen and you use your vehicle to intimate us. And if you actually hit me, does that mean open season on you from those who care about me? I mean this is the logic you are using, that we should establish our dominance...really cyclist have been very nice neighbors so far. I seem to see cyclist more on the live and let live side of this debate. I guess we could sink to your level but we usually show more class than that.

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I have paid for the roads and

I have paid for the roads and I will drive or bike on them when ever and how ever much I want.

If someone gets in my way or tries to hurt me, I will let them know they are wrong.

Thank you and good night.

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