Attention Boulder Cyclist - Niwot Road under construction

From Boulder County Transportation email

Boulder County will be removing the pavement for a one-mile stretch of Niwot Road west of 55th at the end of next week as phase one of the Neva /Niwot Road reconstruction project. From that point forward, one part of anther of Neva and Niwot Roads between Foothills Highway and North 63rd Street will be likely be gravel through early November.

Also, Neva Road is scheduled to be closed from 39th Street to Fairways Drive the week of September 10th. No traffic, including bicycles will be allowed through the closure during daytime hours (8:30 AM to 4:00 PM). The road will be open evenings and weekdays however, construction conditions will exist.

Once complete, the entire stretch of Neva / Niwot will be repaved at full width including 4-foot shoulders. Our goal is to have the project done by the end of the year, but it is very likely that weather will delay at least part of the project until early spring 2013.

Boulder County is sending out regular construction updates on the project. Anyone interested in receiving them should contact the Transportation Department at the email below.

Please use caution when riding and remember, "Courtesy is Contagious"!!!!

Tim Swope, AICP
CIP Coordinator
Boulder County Transportation
(720) 564-2658

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