Government Shutdown Threatens Collegiate MTB Race

There is incredible limited information on this topic


This weekend's collegiate mtb races in Grand Junction are in limbo due to the federal government shutdown. According to a post on the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference website, Colorado Mesa University may have to cancel since two of the three events planned were to be held on Bureau of Land Management Property.

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Would love to see the reason

Would love to see the reason on this if you can get it Kris. i.e. is there actually a reason other then they just are closing the park to make it hurt? Or is there an actual reason? I don't know if any BLM staff actually work these events and their absence makes it unsafe to race, etc?

This is a very ignorant

This is a very ignorant comment. It makes me sad that you're out there living among us. You can't have parks, buildings, websites open when no one is available to manage them. If someone gets lost out there (I'm not talking about racers) it could be weeks before the shutdown is over and they get found. Then you will bitch and moan that the "government!" isn't doing it's job.

You're right, your comment is

You're right, your comment is a very ignorant comment. I guess you weren't aware that during the sequester there were communications from the WH to various agencies directing them that they were not to take any actions to lessen the impact of the previously warned about impacts. Heaven forbid it becomes obvious to even the most uninformed citizen that we were talking about a ginned up crisis.

Most notably were the communications between the FAA ad the WH, directing them to NOT shift ATCs around to cover the shortfalls and therefore lessen the impact on flights around the nation. Emails were leaked and subsequently published to establish this fact. It wasn't until the congressmen started complaining that their flights in/out of DC were being overly impacted that things changed.

The issue with shutting down the govt is that there can be no obligation of funds that weren't previously appropriated. So, explain to me how a national monument, such as the WWII memorial, which has NO staff and is open to the public 24/7, and that requires no funding to "operate", needs to be shut down? You can believe it wasn't deliberate on the part of the WH if you want.



Things changed. CMU's XC and DH have been cancelled due to the current special event restrictions on federal lands. The STXC will be held as scheduled. We'll do our best to keep this site up to date if there are any additional changes.

Everyone should extend a HUGE thanks to Patric and CMU for their efforts to make this race happen. They have gone far beyond what is expected this week.

We will be granting nationals qualification waivers for the affected riders. Please let me know if you have questions.


BLM land? You don't need permission to play on BLM land. There are no gates, no toll booths, no official entrances. There are hundreds of trails paths roads etc onto BLM land and there is no restriction regarding use besides common sense or the local sheriff.

Hold the event, close the closed gates behind you, leave the open gates open, and pick up after yourself. Ride, play, have fun and enjoy. There is no reasonable reason to do anything else.