R.I.P. Boulder Velodrome

Remember when the velodrome was just a baby

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- Daily Camera covers the closing

Official statement from the president of the velodrome

After significant effort was expended to create a more positive outcome, it is with great regret that we announce the closing of Boulder Indoor Cycling, home to Boulder’s first velodrome, as well as CycleTykes, the area’s best kids’ cycling instructional program, effective at the end of April. Even so, efforts continue to try and find an alternative solution. We want to thank our customers, sponsors, employees, the citizens of Boulder and the local cycling community for the tremendous support we have received over the past 3½ years and we especially appreciate the opportunity we’ve had to increase awareness in so many different aspects of the cycling industry along the front range.

As a result of this decision, we will be liquidating most of our current inventory, including our rental fleet of track bicycles, bicycle components (wheels, tires, seats), T-shirts, etc. We are also planning to hold several special events in the coming week including our cycling Time Trials and one last evening of First Friday races on May 4th as a final thank-you. For more information on any of these activities please visit www.BoulderIndoorCycling.com or our Facebook page: (http://www.facebook.com/#!/BoulderIndoorCycling) , or call us at 303-CYCLING (303-292-5464) with any questions or concerns.

Bruce McPherson

In light of the above statement the firm closing of today, April 29th, is no longer true

According to rumors from extremely good sources the Boulder Velodrome will be closing their doors firming after this Sunday. According to our sources, all employees were given notice yesterday, Friday April 27th that Sunday April 29th will be the last day of operation for the current owners of the facility. The current owners of the velodrome have not made a formal statement but the general manager has confirmed the rumor to be true. Obviously this has caught a lot of people off guard but in just 24 hours an enormous amount of support has been pouring out to the existing employees and plans are being worked out that will allow the velodrome to continue to operate under new ownership. Stay tuned to how this story develops

Remembering the Boulder Velodrome. Here is a list of stories we have reported on in the past.

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I'm sorry to lose the CycleTykes program. My kid absolutely loves it and the coaches are amazing. Any chance it could be transferred to something like the city parks & rec program or the YMCA?

RIP? My two cents...

BIC is (was) cool. RIP indeed.

I've been fortunate enough to ride almost 100 hours on the track and enjoy some thrilling times, and I've been unfortunate enough to get taken out (as in out "cold", I still have a 90 minute memory hole from the "big one") by an uncertified rider that was allowed to be out there with us unknowingly. I'll miss the adrenaline rush, that's for sure.

The finances could never have been pretty. I've done the math (often while circling the track) and it never added up for me. Unless many hundreds (thousands?) of people were willing to pony up for season passes or at least multiple visit cards, there wouldn't be the requisite revenue to cover the operating costs. Anybody could count the number of cards in the membership box - not enough! I had many a session with either just myself or only a couple of other folks, and the heaters were working hard since it was often below freezing outside.

I feel the owners gave it as long as they could to turn a profit, but finally threw in the towel. And I don't blame them for short notice, I've seen what happens when the announcement comes well in advance. Rules get sloppy, things get stolen, maintenance and safety suffer. The risk they would take in that environment far outweighs the courtesy we would like to receive.

So long old friend. You were only 127 meters (I used a professional measuring tool on the sprinter lane one day to prove it, and speeds/times calculate properly at that distance), you had some great party/racing nights, you were slippery when the rubber dust built up, your staff didn't always show up to open the door at 6am as scheduled, you kept me in shape when the snow was flying, you helped me meet some cool new folks, and you'll live on in YouTube video clips.

Gone...but not forgotten!

Yes, the business part must

Yes, the business part must have been hard. But, harder than any other?
I don't want to contribute to any negativity. I just want to add my voice to those who feel a great sense of loss.
I stopped riding there a while back because it was too expensive. I have spoken to others with the same feeling.
I remember saying at the time that I remembered business 101 - If your product isn't selling, make it cheaper or make it more attractive.
I miss it. I hope someone can take it over and revive it and make it more attractive. I'll gladly come back!