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Official statement from the president of the velodrome

After significant effort was expended to create a more positive outcome, it is with great regret that we announce the closing of Boulder Indoor Cycling, home to Boulder’s first velodrome, as well as CycleTykes, the area’s best kids’ cycling instructional program, effective at the end of April. Even so, efforts continue to try and find an alternative solution. We want to thank our customers, sponsors, employees, the citizens of Boulder and the local cycling community for the tremendous support we have received over the past 3½ years and we especially appreciate the opportunity we’ve had to increase awareness in so many different aspects of the cycling industry along the front range.

As a result of this decision, we will be liquidating most of our current inventory, including our rental fleet of track bicycles, bicycle components (wheels, tires, seats), T-shirts, etc. We are also planning to hold several special events in the coming week including our cycling Time Trials and one last evening of First Friday races on May 4th as a final thank-you. For more information on any of these activities please visit www.BoulderIndoorCycling.com or our Facebook page: (http://www.facebook.com/#!/BoulderIndoorCycling) , or call us at 303-CYCLING (303-292-5464) with any questions or concerns.

Bruce McPherson

In light of the above statement the firm closing of today, April 29th, is no longer true

According to rumors from extremely good sources the Boulder Velodrome will be closing their doors firming after this Sunday. According to our sources, all employees were given notice yesterday, Friday April 27th that Sunday April 29th will be the last day of operation for the current owners of the facility. The current owners of the velodrome have not made a formal statement but the general manager has confirmed the rumor to be true. Obviously this has caught a lot of people off guard but in just 24 hours an enormous amount of support has been pouring out to the existing employees and plans are being worked out that will allow the velodrome to continue to operate under new ownership. Stay tuned to how this story develops

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Odd timing

I'm not a local but it seems to me that a big opportunity will be lost if they can't keep it open, at least until next month's Superior-Morgul road race weekend. Why not a coordinated schedule of events for fans & racers? I think it would be a great way to showcase the venue and generate local & regional support. Might even make some serious converts.

Per a message on their

Per a message on their website:

Look to this page in the coming days for information about how to receive credit for paid-for services we will be unable to fulfill. We are currently putting together a plan to address this.

I think a lot of things will flush out over the next week... there is a lot of love out there for both the velodrome and cycletykes, losing both would be heartbreaking.

Where's the beef?

I see lots of defensive reaction to honest inquiries here, but no REAL information on this sudden abandonment of responsibility. How about a reasonable, informative response instead of "We don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies"? Is this a business attention-getting strategy or something? Is there a lawyer in the house for folks who have given money in good faith who are now learning that the circus has left town? Not ethical.

Writing is on the wall

With the new outdoor velodrome happening in Erie, there will be a lot of competition for limited track cycling dollars. BIC is a great alternative to riding outdoors in the winter (did we really have one this year?) but I bet their revenue drops markedly in the summer. Financially speaking, better for them to close prior to the slow season rather than losing bucks in the summer and then more business to the Erie velodrome.

I remember hearing rumors a year or so ago about the place closing so this shouldn't come as a huge surprise.


I agree with your post, but I think that BIC has/had the opportunity to address niche in the market. I no longer race but I ride there BECAUSE it is indoor. I go there in the winter and at night after my kids go to bed. Sure it will be nice to have the larger track in Erie, but I might go there a couple times a year. If I'm not racing, why pay to ride outside? It it's nice enough/light enough to ride outside, it turns out that there are some pretty good places to ride around here.

As for racing, yeah, one can do better than BIC and Erie will pose a problem.

I'm really down on this news and like others I want to know more. I just can't believe the local cycling community would let a great resource like an existing indoor track wither and die. I think a lot of us are asking "how can I help?"

I disagree. People in

I disagree. People in Boulder are lazy and do not like to leave, so that is a real advantage for BIC, who wants to drive to have to ride your bike. I say this based on experience and the fact I live in Boulder. Also as one who has ridden out there from day one, there are two times I ride there in general, in bad weather and at night in the winter. I will not be riding at the track in Erie during either of those times once it is done. That is park of what makes them a good fit, they sort of work differently.

You ride only two times -

You ride only two times - night and bad weather. If you're typical of clientele, then that really limits usage.

At $20/hour, how many rider-hours does it take to pay the rent, utilities, and staff? Most of those rider-hours take place pre- & post-work hours and weekends. Combine that with a rider limit on the track due to safety and I truly can't imagine how they could make ends meet. Then add in expenses to maintain bikes, the track itself, do some advertising, and pay for liability insurance (that's gotta be big - racers going over the top and kids on site who could get injured) and it's no wonder they folded.