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Official statement from the president of the velodrome

After significant effort was expended to create a more positive outcome, it is with great regret that we announce the closing of Boulder Indoor Cycling, home to Boulder’s first velodrome, as well as CycleTykes, the area’s best kids’ cycling instructional program, effective at the end of April. Even so, efforts continue to try and find an alternative solution. We want to thank our customers, sponsors, employees, the citizens of Boulder and the local cycling community for the tremendous support we have received over the past 3½ years and we especially appreciate the opportunity we’ve had to increase awareness in so many different aspects of the cycling industry along the front range.

As a result of this decision, we will be liquidating most of our current inventory, including our rental fleet of track bicycles, bicycle components (wheels, tires, seats), T-shirts, etc. We are also planning to hold several special events in the coming week including our cycling Time Trials and one last evening of First Friday races on May 4th as a final thank-you. For more information on any of these activities please visit www.BoulderIndoorCycling.com or our Facebook page: (http://www.facebook.com/#!/BoulderIndoorCycling) , or call us at 303-CYCLING (303-292-5464) with any questions or concerns.

Bruce McPherson

In light of the above statement the firm closing of today, April 29th, is no longer true

According to rumors from extremely good sources the Boulder Velodrome will be closing their doors firming after this Sunday. According to our sources, all employees were given notice yesterday, Friday April 27th that Sunday April 29th will be the last day of operation for the current owners of the facility. The current owners of the velodrome have not made a formal statement but the general manager has confirmed the rumor to be true. Obviously this has caught a lot of people off guard but in just 24 hours an enormous amount of support has been pouring out to the existing employees and plans are being worked out that will allow the velodrome to continue to operate under new ownership. Stay tuned to how this story develops

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Bruce's comments

Bruce, I'm going to echo what the others has said. If you don't want others writing your storybrhennits in your best I Teresa to provide one. Getting irritated and accusing folks of starting rumors does not solve your problem. Come out with the real story and that will quell it. As it is, I think folks have a right to know about a decisions startling as this given the off and on nature of the venture to date.

And for god's sake talk to someone about a change of ownership. You might be done but many others seem willing to keep the dream alive

What do you expect?

Bruce, we can see that you are hurt by the speculation, but all of us are extremely invested in this - whether it be the racers or people who bring their children in every week. We are also heartbroken for the employees whom we have come to appreciate. When we read your rather empty statement on the closing, it is perfectly reasonable to discuss rumors or speculation, since we are just trying to find some outlet to make sense of this. Typically, businesses don't just close with 1 day notice. Almost any relevant detail provided by you or the owners would immediately stop the speculation. Stop admonishing others and provide some decent level of detail - or find someone authorized to do so. Many of us are just stop-in customers who don't know anyone there on a personal level.

RIP Boulder Valley Velodrome...One Door Closes Another Opens

The track is valuable to many of us for a multitude of reasons. Like any business, in the absence of a plan (assume the absence of a business plan/model/marketing in this case) long-term viability is questionable. If, however, there is a real interest in success then the first signs of distress are usually met with a contingency plan (once again assuming that the partners at BIC had such an animal in place). Since none of the above appear to be the case then upon dissolution of BIC by its current ownership one can assume that the next owners will not make the same mistakes. The opportunity awaits prospective new owners to bring an element of business savvy, pride in ownership and an understanding of what a jewel this track truly is in the community. For employees and members to be given two days notice that the track is closing its doors is not only poor business practice and unethical it is also cowardice at its best!

One Door Closes Another Opens

Taken in a vacuum, all of your points are good ones. You're also entitled to your opinion, uninformed as it is. This decision was an absolute last resort. There is nothing about it, including its timing, that was taken lightly. All of the owners would love to see it continue operating going forward, but there is far more involved in realizing that outcome than meets the public eye.

Yet still in the dark....

So, it's still not clear what happened. We've had an owner here wanting to squelch "rumors", but without any concrete facts I think we're still left to speculate. Was it, or was it not profitable? Did the owners get an offer on the property that they couldn't refuse (UPS need more space? New Pearl Pkwy development want property?) Or was it simply financially struggling? If it was the latter, will the facility be put up for sale, allowing someone or a group of people to purchase BIC and keep it alive? Or is there a deal that's already been done?

For the record...

For the record...I cannot, and will not go into the specifics of this company or what led to this decision in a public forum. Here is what I will say: We have spent a huge amount of time and effort investigating every alternative we could think of to avoid this, and we are still committed to trying to solve it in a way that keeps it operating if at all possible. By all means, if there is someone or a group of people that want to put forth a serious inquiry into taking it over, do get in touch with us sooner rather than later.

A serious inquiry

Seemed like the group this morning was pretty serious about inquiry as to take over. Certainly no need to air the dirty laundry on 303 cycling, but all of us there left our names for further contact - hopefully something is already happening behind the scenes!

Can someone please clarify>

There is a lot of confusion, and as someone who dropped down an annual pass fee, I am a little angered by this decision without knowing more:

A) Was this due to the track not being profitable (i.e. - could not cover its expenses) which is a liquidity risk issue, and a different story?

B) Was this an investment opportunity issue (i.e. - BIC got such a sweet offer, that the investors decided that it was better than the long-term time and effort running the track)

C) Was this simply the result of an initial investor wanting out, and the only way to cash the investor out (absent a new one) was to shut down and close shop? And was this the divorce people are referring to? - Or...

D) Is the divorce the result of one of the owners/investors needing to acquire capital for alimony?

For many of us...this sucks. I know I overspent at the track to support this place, and if the decision to close it down is because someone just wanted out....