Ride a CX bike to get faster on the Mountain Bike

They say technology makes our lives better, easier and more convenant and some can say it also makes us lazy. Take mountain biking for example, before there was suspension we all had tails and hard fronts, riding such a machine was very different than how it is today. First off, with some full suspension bikes today you can treat them like a "point and shoot" bike with little concern for the trail ahead... they bike will compensate for any mistakes you make. While this technology can make you faster on many trails it has also caused us to relay less on our senses and more on the machine. This thought hit me while riding Betasso Loop Trail recently in Boulder on my CX bike. Betasso is a perfect trail for CX'ing because it is easily enough that you can complete the entire trail with only a few dismounts yet hard enough that you can't blast around it. This trail requires the CX rider to remain 100% in focus all of the time watching out for rocks, stumps, ruts and other trail debris that most mountain bikers and simply float over. This type of rider is much like how mountain biking was 15 years ago before Rock Shock introduced the first bike shock. I'm not saying anything is wrong with using technology but if you were to ride a CX 20% of the time on these types of trails you will find your mountain biking improve because you will find yourself connecting more with the trail, digging into the Hippocampus section of the cycling brain. And to further enhance your mountain biking trying waxing cars... remember wax on clockwise.... wax off counter clockwise -;)


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