Coffee Talk - Riding Unplugged like a NOMB

Strava, Garmin, Powertap and about 20+ more products you can you to measure, evaluate, predict, dictate and tell you how and where to ride everyday. And while these products do hold a valuable place in the sport of cycling, without them it can be a game of guess work, ignorance or lack of motivation. I've been there, lived by the heart rate monitor, have all of the zones programed and lived by what digital characters came out on the little screen. So much that sometimes you have to wonder "who is driving this bike I'm sitting on anymore?

Ride Unplugged
Why do you need to know your speed or how far you rode or how many watts you just dropped or who's QOM you just stole? Sometimes you just need to ride, period. With the exception of my latest addition of riding with a full-time light, I'm a NOMB, Nothing On My Bars and have been for years now. Now, I just ride. I still do intervals, and go for epic rides but most of the time I do it unplugged, especially if I am in the mode for training as I don't want some device to tell me to "go harder" or to cut back or to wait 10 more seconds. Know what you have to do and why and then just LISTEN. Listen to your body and follow the intent of the scheduled workout.

NOMB isn't just for training
I know every cyclist, even those cyclists who don't consider themselves cyclists day dream of those rides that are perfect, maybe it is riding the endless trails in Grand County Colorado or maybe it's an epic ride on the Peak to Peak Highway or just a beautiful ride at dust with a friend, whatever it may be, I bet it doesn't involve looking down every 30 seconds to see what your stats are.

Try riding unplugged a few times this month, no performance monitoring, real-time stats or post ride analysis. JUST RIDE

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