Fixed Gear, Single Speed unicycle-ing across Colorado

Riding across Colorado, sounds doable, right? OK, do it on a single speed, still not bad now make it a fixie, urgh, the fun is slipping away. Now take away 1 of your wheels. Now put it all together and you are riding across Colorado on a unicycle! Mike Kalush will be doing this Aug 17th. Mike is doing this to honor all the single parents out there. As reported in the Denver Post Mike says...

"I saw that raising children alone or with little support is an amazing skill," says Kalush, who has seven sisters, six of which are or have been single parents. "It's a hard job often overlooked by our society. I'm riding my unicycle because it's great symbolism: keeping perfect balance, you can never coast, you have to work for every inch. Falling off is easy, getting back up can be hard. And people with two wheels have no idea what it's like to ride on one."

Learn more about Mike's 1 wheeled adventure on his Facebook page or on the Denver Post story

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