Rider Assists become a problem at MSC Copper Cup

Found this via What was I thinking blow Watch the video below, very interesting story. Was this guy giving special treatment or just taking advantage of a situation or both?

Video link from Super Human Map

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What kind of a brainless

What kind of a brainless idiot would think it's "OK" to push riders up a hill in the middle of a race?? My 10 year old knows better than that! The real kicker is when some of the bimbo racers who got pushed actually say they have no problem with it. Whaaaat!!!

303admin, have you no backbone?

Since when do you alter your content from a random comment? Have you no backbone? The actions depicted in that video are outrageous. Why are you hiding your story? Are you getting pressure from the bike company that is depicted?

Whats wrong with you?

303cycling: its like riding a bike with no top tube.

To all those reading this...

Good point to the former commenter.....

While the news is dated, I don't think the road/cx community may be aware of this... there is a pretty big divide between those to communities sometimes. While this happened weeks ago and it is kind of "water under the bridge" its still important to publish because this could just as easily happen in CX this fall.... so all beware!

Thanks to all those who commented on this story