Training Product Review - Ride with GPS

GPS tracking is all the rave this year and today we check out another player in that market, Ride with GPS

Submitted by an avid 303 reader and bike junkie

Ride with GPS is a great site for any cyclist. They've got a top-notch route planner, powerful tools for digging into your GPS data, and easy ways to compete with your friends and foes. What really ties it all together is that the interface is intuitive and really fast - it feels like an app, not just a website.

Mapping a route

Plan your next bike ride with Ride with GPS

Planning a ride on Ride with GPS is really pleasant. Just click around on the map, and you'll see a route appear, following roads or bike paths between your clicks. The elevation profile updates instantly in full detail, which is really nice if you want to consider a few different routes quickly. The tool is really easy to use, but still has all the features you might need (adding POI, customizing the cue sheet, export to Garmin unit, upload photos, etc).

Ride with GPS has been around since 2007, so there are already routes mapped out all over the world. You can
search for routes
by location, length, elevation gain, keyword, and more, and find just what you're looking for.

Analyze your data

If you have a Garmin GPS unit, Ride with GPS has a "Garmin Sync" feature that makes getting your latest rides uploaded a breeze. If you collect your data with a smartphone, just email the GPX or TCX file to and it will post to your account.

Analyze your next bike ride with Ride with GPS

Whenever you view a ride you're presented with this fullscreen map, graph, and sidebar of details. You can always see everything at once, which turns out to be a really useful feature. If you mouseover a lap or segment, it will highlight on the graph and the map. If you drag your mouse over a big climb in the elevation graph, it will zoom in on the graph, the map, and update all the metrics to just show details for that selection. Tons of data presented, but easy to digest and fun to play with.

The activity center is a tool they have for their premium users that lets you really explore and manage all of your rides. You can filter, sort, graph, get tables, and bulk edit all of your data with just a few clicks.

Keep a training log with the Ride with GPS activity center


Got a favorite climb, or section of road you like to sprint? Create a segment and Ride with GPS will generate a leaderboard of everyone that has ridden it.

Compete against other riders on segments

You can select any of the attempts on the leaderboard, and by clicking "compare efforts" it will break the ride up so you can see exactly where the lead was gained. My favorite thing to do is play back a virtual race and see my little dot racing against other people.

With segments you can stage a virtual race

What are you waiting for?

If you ride a bike, take a minute to check out
Ride with GPS
and sign up for a free account. Map out a ride, upload some GPS data, or just click around and see what other people are posting in your area. Everything is pretty easy to use, but if you have any questions the guys who run the site would love to hear from you.

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