3 Great Races this weekend!

Not one, not two but three races going on this weekend.

Adrenalin Cross (sept 30) be there from Adrenalin Cycles on Vimeo.

Friday: Tour of Vail starts
Saturday: PrimalPalooza
Sunday: Adrenalin Cross

PrimalPalooza is a known course that supports Trips for Kids Denver and Sunday's course is awesome (highlighted above in the video). IMO it's not a 1 race weekend it, this weekend you DOUBLE UP!

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let's not forget the Wednesday afternoon Back to Basics CX series in Golden. There's been a lot of work done to improve the course and allow for a different course layout each week. The turnouts have been great so far, the competition is heated, and a race effort mid-week is a great way to fine tune your high-intensity training for the weekend's events.

Lee and others (sorry, I

Lee and others (sorry, I don't know everyone involved) have really done a great job with this race and venue. Evidence to this is in the participation numbers week in and week out. The stairs on the N side are a nice touch, off-camber, grass, flowy single track, etc. make this a fun course. We are very lucky to have such a great mid-week race series here in the Front Range. Thanks!