Managing and Finding Group Rides

What a brilliant concept! A place where you can find group rides, routes, who's riding and when. In 90% of the USA this website is worthless because there is just that 1 ride going off in your area but in the Front Range there are more group rides heading out than there are riders in those "other places" in the USA. So how do you find a group to join? Just ride slowly out on a road until one passes you and you jump on. That method might work or you could waste a training ride being a wall flower on the road.

I like this concept so much that over a year ago (before I discovered this website) I was writing my own web application to do this very same thing. The app is pretty empty for our area so to make this work we need to start using it. Give it a test ride and tell us what you think. It's not quite like I was building mine but close enough.

The Ride Connection

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The Ride Connection

Thanks for publishing the link to the site although I don't understand the "worthless" comment. The more people who use the site the more useful it will become. Big organized events have recently embraced the site but that is not the site's core mission. I truly don't think people know how to utilize the power the site offers; in particular the automated ride notification emails when rides are posted. Plus many other features. I am not sure how to bridge the education gap. I also think people are creatures of habit. I think a group of cyclists must get together and figure out how the site can help them manage their cycling life. Create a ride group. Subscribe to ride notifications via email. Post their group rides. Then I think the proverbial light bulb will turn on. Thanks again for posting. I appreciate the support. Rick, Head Cyclist, The Ride Connection