Review: Glacier Cyclocross Glove

From the GlacierGlove website:

Cold, wet, and muddy. This glove was designed to keep the back of your hand warm yet allow the palms to breath on the bars. The Basics for Cyclocross racing. Breathable palms and weather resistant back. This glove is a toned down version of the Premium Cyclocross Glove. Good for cold, wet weather and great for helping manage your body heat.

I have used this glove now a few times and I will have to say I really love it. My hands get cold relatively easily and take a while to warm up. The palms of the gloves do breathe nicely and help regulate your hand temperature. The times I used this glove the temperature has ranged from 35F to 50F. The sweet spot for this glove is right around 45F.

If you have ever tried the original Glacier cycling gloves these are very different. The original gloves did not breathe very well and I felt it would take awhile for my hands to warm up. My hands would then sweat and get cold. These gloves are much thinner and breathe nicely. I would highly recommend these gloves for cool weather racing conditions.

You can buy them online.

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I got a pair of these at the

I got a pair of these at the USGP booth, and have had problems with the fit. They worked fine in and around the venue on the cold day, but when I rode in them the two leather fingers ( index,middle) were too tight when I held my handlebar. I'm wearing an XL already, and the finger length is dime, it's the girth of the fingers that gives me problems. These are way too small, and my fingers get fall,asleep and get cold even on a mild day. I don't recommend.

Glacier Glove Size

The gloves do run a little bit small. I typically wear a size medium and these gloves in a size medium run a little tight. That being said these gloves did stretch out. After wearing them 3 or 4 four times the gloves fit perfectly.

Also these gloves are meant to fit tight and I would probably recommend them mainly for racing.


I have found the Specialized Equinox or Deflect model glove to be some of, if not the best winter cycling gloves I have ever used. Dexterity, fit, comfort, style and warmth-insulation are top notch. Anything else I have ever seen or tried is too bulky and cumbersome. Also, gloves designed for cross country skiing do double duty tremendously well for winter pursuits. Look at gloves from Swix.

I Have Last Year's Deflects

I have last year's Deflects and with less than a year of infrequent use, they have a hole in the index finger. They are also not water resistant, which is no good for cross racing. I'm not sure I would buy Specialized cold weather gloves again knowing this. I have a couple pairs of Pearlizumi gloves that I have been using for about 5 years and the only problem with them is my dog chewed off one of the velcro closures and they still see regular action.

I have last year's Deflects

I have last year's Deflects and really like them for riding in temps above 35 or so. You are right that they are not waterproof, for that you need to buy the Equinox model. I've used them for road, CX and MTB and haven't had any issues with fit, function or quality.

I purchased the original

I purchased the original Galcier cycling goves and have never been so cold. Granted it was about 25 degrees at the Louisville CX race last December, but I would not consider them to be a cold weather solution. Like you said, 45 degrees might be appropriate.

buy em a size big and put a

buy em a size big and put a liner in em... if its just plain cold... there is better stuff out there.. but if its cold+wet I don't think they can be beat for racing... they are warm and you can actually shift/stope etc..but god forbid you stop moving for 10 minutes ... your screwed...
just remember to turn em inside out when your done or they will NEVER dry... )