Review: Glacier Cyclocross Glove

From the GlacierGlove website:

Cold, wet, and muddy. This glove was designed to keep the back of your hand warm yet allow the palms to breath on the bars. The Basics for Cyclocross racing. Breathable palms and weather resistant back. This glove is a toned down version of the Premium Cyclocross Glove. Good for cold, wet weather and great for helping manage your body heat.

I have used this glove now a few times and I will have to say I really love it. My hands get cold relatively easily and take a while to warm up. The palms of the gloves do breathe nicely and help regulate your hand temperature. The times I used this glove the temperature has ranged from 35F to 50F. The sweet spot for this glove is right around 45F.

If you have ever tried the original Glacier cycling gloves these are very different. The original gloves did not breathe very well and I felt it would take awhile for my hands to warm up. My hands would then sweat and get cold. These gloves are much thinner and breathe nicely. I would highly recommend these gloves for cool weather racing conditions.

You can buy them online.

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For the non-believers

For the non believers in gloves below 25 there was an awesome product at Interbike this year of heated grips and bar tap. So when gloves can't do it, the heated grips/tape can make up the difference. They are suppose to send us a pair to test but since we haven't gotten them by now my guess is they aren't sending them.

I use the lobsters, but I

I use the lobsters, but I have to go full mitten when below 25 (err 22). Makes shifting a challenge!
I have used the chempacks inside and they do help but they are one use.
303 had a link to a balm company a few weeks back. I looked at the sight briefly. Anyone with knowledge of handbalms?
Link to the battery glove that Georgia uses?

Double cork tape helps so I am sure that heated grips would help but probably not solve the issue.

Sign, Bare Legs, Wimpy hands

Oh I think heated hand grips would really hit the spot

As I see it, the problem with wimpy hands (you are not alone) is once they get cold then you are screwed, blood flow slows and it takes a lot of body heat to return them to life BUT with heated grips they can provide heat to the hands (they have different levels of heat) so if they get cold, crank it up, get heat back to your hands, get the blood flowing again and then turn the heat back down. Gloves and chemical heat pads are great but there is no variability to it.

Kris Thompson

I have both the original

I have both the original glacier glove and the premium (with fleece lining). Original is worthless when it's cold - you're better off wearing dish gloves under your regular cycling gloves. The premium version is pretty good for a short (45 min) race in cold and wet conditions. Keep your hands toasty warm in big gloves right until the start, then put on the glacier gloves and go hard to stay warm. Change immediately after the race back into something warm.

Warm Arms = Warm Hands

My hands never used to get cold...but I must be getting older. I used to ride fingerless in the 40's and full finger summer gloves in the 30's. I've shifted that by about 10 degrees now. Still I don't pull out insulated gloves until it hits the low 30's. The key for me is keeping my arms a little warmer. All of that nice warm blood from your core cools down before it gets to your hands so there is no way to warm them back up. Next time you ride in the cold, add a layer to your arms. Thermal or wind-proof arm warmers are ideal. Let your core cool, but keep your extremities toasty. I've also found that it helps with limit fatigue in my forearms.