Reveal the Path movie in Boulder/Denver this week!

Update - the review

Last night my 11 yr son and I attended the 9pm movie after the sold out 7pm movie. I came into this movie without really any expectations as my only research into this movie was the trailer.... it was about bikes, did I need more? The show started off with some live music from one of the musicians on the soundtrack (which just last night is on iTunes) and we were also treated to another trailer of a river movie the same director is working on. The movie "Reveal the Path" started and instantly I was thrown into confusion as to what the plot was but who cares, it's about bikes. But in general you have 4 guys, riding to 5 parts of the world to see some spectacular sights, ride some great "trails" and experience different cultures. Their route follows like this, Scottland, Switzerland, Morocco, Nepal, Alaska. The intent of the ride was to explore through beauty your way of life, your path, or something like that. Lots of deep feeling talk on the back drop of some pretty amazing views that left me thinking like Liz Lemon and saying "I want to go there".

The movie was spectacular and moved the audience into dreaming up their next cycling adventure throughout the film but all of that could have easily been done with the sound turned off, minus the soundtrack. I loved that one of the 4 was straight out of Boulder and is a popular and successful cyclist, Kurt Refsnider (yay 303). Overall I recommend this but don't go into this thinking that this is a film about 4 guys that road around the world and the hardships they endured, this film is a cycling visual orgasmic experience that should leave you dreaming up plans for your next bike adventure.

Details of the showing of Reveal the Path movie
Boulder: June 5th, 7pm & 9pm at the Dairy Center for the Arts

Denver June 8th 7pm at the Denver Film Center

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