Cheri's Podium - Vacation: A Scheduled Period During Which Activity is Suspended

Vacation: A Scheduled Period During Which Activity is Suspended. What Happens When You Can’t Ride Your Bike.

What happens when you can’t get on your__________? Fill in the blank. Or what happens when you can’t do______________? Fill in the blank. And what happens if your body needs _________________? Fill in the blank. What do you do then? I could say ‘fill in the blank’ but I’ll fill in the blank for you.

I know so many of us think we need that hike, that ride, that trip to the gym or “we’re just gonna die!” But that’s not really true is it? You might get a little persnickety and after a few weeks you might put on a pound or two that you always manage to stave off by dragging yourself to the gym, the trail, etc. But for most of us, we’re going to be just fine. Even those of us who think we NEED it or we’ll be in a bad mood. We’re going to be just fine too.
What the heck am I going on and on and on about? Vacation. You know that thing where you might not be able to do whatever you want when you want to do it. Especially a family vacation. Now I know some of you are thinking to yourself that you always get on your bike during vacation or you always get that run in or you always find some trail to hike. But what if when we go on vacation, we go on vacation. We rest. We recuperate. We vacate our need to always be doing something? What if we go at someone else’s pace for just a little while? What if we don’t plan a vacation around a race, marathon, or Xterra? What if.

I know you’re waiting for me to say, “Just kidding!” “Haha. LOL. LMAO.” But I’m not. Now you’re probably thinking, “WTF”. I’m currently on one of those family vacations. A three week one. The type where you go with the flow. The type where your husband still has to work because although I live in a privileged and spoiled world, money does not grow on trees. Not at my house anyway. Now don’t cry for me Argentina (remember? Eva Peron). I’m not complaining. Most people would love to have a vacation. Let alone a three week vacation. I know I’m a spoiled girl. So climb back down from your high horse. You don’t need to tell me that.

This is that time of year where except for my other obsession with all things espresso and coffee, mommy doesn’t get everything she wants. Yep. That’s right.

So, what’s an obsessed mountain bike girl supposed to do when her pink mountain bike sits in the garage day after day and pretty soon, week after week? Let me tell you honestly what I’m doing. I’m starting to get pissy about it. But really what am I so pissy about? That the world isn’t revolving around me? That I’m “getting out of shape?” That all that yummy strength and endurance (for me it was a lot!) is wasting away. Hmm…I’ve got to get a handle on myself. I’m on vacation. I get to be on vacation with my family. My kids are having a great time. I’m not in prison. I’m not never going to ride my bike again. I’m not missing out on my training for the Olympics (total sarcasm). It’s not the end. of.
Another definition of vacation is a time of respite from something. In my case, I might add, respite from someone. Like myself. Well, I’m not even one cup of coffee in and I’m already starting to see the sunny side of the street. I hope you get to really go on vacation some time soon. You just might find out how strong you really are.

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