Racing at Nationals starts NOW

I don't know how many times I have raced... maybe 300 times over nearly 2 decades and still every time I line up to the starting line my pulse races, I get jumpy, sweating, and there I was again, lined up everything ready. Clock, (check), credit card (check), USA license (check), browser on KCCX registration page hitting refresh every 30 seconds (check)

BANG, registration is open

I'm not sure if I got the hole shot but I was up there. First barrier, need to login to registration, damn, do I remember my username and password from last year, YES. Clear the first barrier. Checked my category and could have taken the short cut and checked out right then but I also wanted to race single speed division and so I took the long route. I think I lost about 10 places with this move. I went back, checked single speed and back to checkout. Enter general info and credit card, submit... declined. OUCH, tripped over those barriers!!! I had the expiration date incorrect. Fixed, submit... browser spinning, spinning, DONE, 12:07 said my watch! Probably did not win but I'm sure my call up will be better than something like 110 of last year!

While in this race I never got up out of my chair, the feeling was nearly the same. Your race AT nationals starts now while sitting down on your ass. Even though I am less fit than last year coming into the season my finish will be better considering my start placement... is that really fair? This guys does not think so

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