Recycle Wednesday

It's recycle Wednesday since some stories are worth recycling.

Next month is Boulder/Denver's Walk and Bike to work month so help spread the word, tell your friends, co-workers and even fellow cyclist to put down the car keys for at least once a week and ride their bikes to where ever they would have gone with a car. This month long events isn't going to change the world but is a few steps in the right direction!

The Morgual Bismark Bike Race is returning to the Front Range this memorial weekend. What a perfect time to with all these atheletes in town host a great bike race not will not only be exciting for the racers who participate in it but for spectators to reconnect with the sport and for kids to get see what might be the rebirth of a great event...

From the nice folks at BikeDenver

We are very excited about Denver's new ride - the Denver Century Ride! Fair disclosure: We're also working to assist as much as possible in the promotion of the ride because we are one of the non-profit beneficiaries.

It's our hope that this first annual ride in Denver's backyard will have a strong showing so that Coldwell Banker underwriters will sign off again next year and we can solidiify an annual bike ride in Denver. What's great about a Denver ride is that all of the greater Denver area cyclists can enjoy a tour of their home area - from the exhilarating ride up Lookout Mountain, to great views along the Flat Irons, to the vistas at Bear Creek Lake Park and our perennial favorite - the Platte River Trail.

The Denver Century has a little something for everyone - a century, metric century and family ride - perfect for the serious to first-time recreational cyclist and a great fit for the family that wants to ride together. Plus, we don't have to add carbon to the air driving our bikes to Colorado Springs or Boulder!

The start/finish at Invesco will be great!

The date is Father's Day, June 20.

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