Review - RecoFit Calf Compression Sleeves

Author: Cheri Felix

O.K. this is where I tell you that I’m not a doctor and I’m not an endurance athlete unless you consider making sure all three kids are happy and fed and clothed before I get out for a ride and then I am an endurance athlete. I’m a mountain biker who will ride as long as she can and as far as she can and I know what I like but can’t always explain why I like something beyond, “I just like it.”


Last night I went out for a glorious ride. The temps were perfect and the new bike was making me smile. I wore RecoFit Calf Compression Sleeves. I asked for black (cause it’s slimming) and I wear an XS (I measured my calves). The compression sleeves come in black or white and range in size from XS-XXL. Just in case you are curious an XXL puts you in the range of a 19” or more sized calf. Wow. I’m hoping that my thighs are less than 19” around. Doubt it.

I LOVED them. The material is super soft and doesn’t feel like it’s squeezing the life out of me. Easy to get on and easy to get off. The material is thin and not intrusive like you might think (if you’ve never worn compression gear before). The whole time I had to look down and make sure I had put the compression sleeves on because they feel weightless. After two weeks in Europe eating way too much and drinking beer every day (I can stop whenever I want) I wished for a compression sleeve for my belly. In fact last night at one point I thought if nylons and tights and the other over the belly crap women wear (like on cruise ships in Europe) felt like RecoFit Compression Sleeves we might wear them more.

RecoFit is designed and developed in Boulder and made in the USA. The material which is carbon based is designed in Italy. RecoFit has other products too; full leg compression sleeves and compression wear designed for shin-splint therapy. These products are designed to reduce fatigue, soreness and aid circulation. Now like I said above I’m a bit of a different breed than the awesomeness (amazing athletes) you see on RecoFit’s website but even I can see the advantages;
• Made my calves look nice and tough
• Today my quads and hams are tired but not my calves
• Easy on, easy off
• Made my legs feel tingly (in a good way)
• And I’m pretty sure my guy friend I met on the trail was envious
Bottom line: I’m 44 ½ and I’ve had three kids (read early beginnings of vein crap) and I don’t have time to sit around and whine about how sore I am after a ride. My husband has a zero tolerance policy about that one. I like RecoFit Calve Sleeves and will definitely keep them in my bike bag for the future.

RecoFit Compression Gear, a Boulder-based manufacturer of athletic compression products, invited several other local companies to mutually celebrate their Boulder roots while having some marketing fun to reinforce their products’ authenticity.

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