Don't be a DIRC!

Today the Daily Camera ran a detailed story about a new safety campaign from the CU Environmental Center that focuses on bike, skateboarding and pedestrian safety. The Campaign's slogan "Don't be a DIRC" stands for "Dangerous, Irresponsible, Reckless and Careless". The group has also set up a website where people can share close call stories Here some some snippets..

I have observed that CU has some of the worst bike commuters I have ever seen, doing some of the craziest things in traffic and around pedestrians. I think it is because many students didn't ride bikes for many of the years leading up to their time at the university and lack the skills and common sense to think about where to go and when.

I laugh my ass of when I see a guy on his skateboard, listening to his ipod, looking down to text.... crash. At the same time pedestrians exhibit the same behavior. Take out the headphones! Stop texting and walking!

It's pretty simple people. When near randomly moving pedestrians, get off the @#$# bike or skateboard and WALK.

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