My commute

I need to learn how to bunny hop with 15lbs. of stuff in my panniers to deal with this path to work. Railroad crossings are usually a pain but this one in north east Boulder turns it into a cyclocross barrier.

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Just east of this road is a

Just east of this road is a beautiful bike path (some gravel) that allows you to bypass this! If you are heading west on Jay just before the Diagonal on the left a trail head, leads to the path which leads to downtown Boulder.

Unless you are afraid of dirt?

Private road

If I take that path it is because I also came down cottonwood trail and did the short cut which goes down the "private road" and as luck has had it I have been honked at twice the the owner of that road.... We need to start making a path on the Union Pacific side or open space needs to re-open the short cut that once existed through the open space..... OHHHH but open space would NEVER do that... preserve, don't touch, prestine! What a bunch of crap!!