RAAM Challenge -- a new spin to a hard race

Everyone has heard of the grueling Race Across America (RAAM) and maybe you had the chance to watch the movie covering the challenges the racers face. This year the promoters of RAAM are creating a new sub genre of endurance racing it's coming to Colorado Aug 5-7th to Prospect Colorado (just south of Longmont). In this event you don't race across America or even Colorado but you can qualify for RAAM if desired. This new event captures the energy of endurance cycling AND allows you to compete in a team environment in the 60, 125, 200 or 400 mile course on 1, 2 or 4 man teams. How does this work? Your choice but as I understand the rules, only 1 rider must be on course at a time so others can relax while trailing in the sag wagon until it is their turn or all 4 can ride together in a train. This makes a 200 or 400 mile race sound a lot easier and fun, right? This isn't the only new endurance event coming to Colorado this year, check out the new Grand Fondo in Fort Collins coming later in August. Stay tuned next week for more information on that event.

Below is the 200 mile version of the course For other course, check out the race page

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