Quizno Pro Challenge is looking for volunteers

From committee for Education and Outreach of the Denver Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Visit Denver and the Quizno’s Pro Challenge (QPC)

Greetings Cycling Club Members:

The committee for Education and Outreach of the Denver Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Visit Denver and the Quizno’s Pro Challenge (QPC) are soliciting clubs and individuals to help spread the word about QPC and the great sport of bicycle racing. Our mission is to reach thousands of residents of all ages through personal presentations, the media, outreach at races and recreational cycling events.

How your club can help: Each club will appoint members to set appointments and make personal presentations at schools, events (not just bike related), retail businesses such as bike shops, health clubs, breweries, restaurants, civic groups such as boys & girls clubs and other organizations. Presentations would commence April 15th and run through August. School presentations will take place in May.

The presentations would follow a protocol established by our committee in conjunction with and approved by the Quizno’s Pro Challenge and Visit Denver. “Bike Racing 101,” an informational piece will be available for distribution. The booklet will cover such topics as safety, science, how the QPC is scored, technology, geography and nutrition. A companion piece specific to Colorado cycling would include contacts for racing clubs, racing calendar and recreational ride schedules. You may also provide information about your club/team/sponsor.

A typical presentation would run about 30-45 minutes, longer if time allows. The first half would cover the information as outlined above. The second portion would be Q&A. We are encouraging two presenters at each venue, preferably a male and female. Bikes and kits are strongly encouraged.

A top level pro team has already committed to a presentation. I hope your club and team will get involved too.


Presentations are strictly on a volunteer basis and there is no remuneration for you or your club’s participation and efforts. However, you have the opportunity to gain exposure for your sponsors (have a presentation at your sponsor’s location!), your club and most importantly, reach a whole new audience to the thrill of bike racing. Who knows, after people learn about bike racing and have a race schedule in their hands, perhaps more than just “significant others” will watch races!

Interested? There’s more… Contact me at bobshaverqpc@earthlink.net

Ride safe!

Bob Shaver

Director, Education and Outreach, Denver LOC,

Visit Denver & Quizno’s Pro Challenge

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