Cyclist and Teenagers Have a lot in Common

A few years ago I had a German exchange student living with me for a year. He was great but boy did he have a lot of energy and there would be times when he was driving me crazy because he had so much unspent energy and my wife would tell me it was “time to run the collie”. So I’d go outside and throw the football, play basketball, whatever it took to get him to calm down….

Now, this last weekend we (cyclist) had no energy outlet due to Stazio being cancelled and with the extremely nice weather on Saturday it just made the condition a lot worse. The CycleLogic/Muckenins/Golf and Games ride was full proof of it. That ride was OUT OF CONTROL in size and behavior and being an excellent tool to promote cycling to the redneck community. Thanks a lot! So like teenagers sometimes cyclist need a compeitive outlet that is safe, not destructive to prevent us from being a pain on the world. If the city of Boulder would have just let us race on Stazio then all of this crazyness could have been avoided.

I say all this as a joke because we are adults and should know better than to engage in actions that are inappropriate. Apparently it was more then poor cycling PR that happened but a few guys got seriously hurt in a crash on 36.

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