Protesters ride in Critical Mass to shutdown Valmont

Protesters ride this past weekend to protest Valmont... not Valmont Bike Park but the Valmont Power Plant.

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Xcel Power

I strongly support their goals for renewable energy, and appreciate when people take personal action.

Unfortunately, their actions were extremely misplaced:

* Shut down Valmont "now", and the exact same amount of coal power would still be delivered to Boulder, just from somewhere else on the grid. Out of sight out of mind?

* Same if we municipalize ... the legal battle would take 5 years, after which we'd still be buying our electricity from Xcel.

* However, Xcel made an incredible Wind Proposal: they offered to build Boulder it's own 200 Mw wind farm! Valmont produces 186 Mw, so this was a perfect substitute. Valmont is planned to be shut down anyway in 2017, which is how long it would take to bring the wind farm online.

* But City Staff decided not to allow us to even vote for the wind farm ... it won't even be on the fall ballot.

* These people were protesting the wrong thing.