Boulder Valley Velodrome grows and BIC track might go to Vegas

Word on the street is that the old Boulder Indoor Cycling velodrome might get sold and moved to Vegas. Will they be betting on racers there? Will we get some dangerous 6 day events rolling with strippers?

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Boulder Valley Velodrome

That indoor track was fun, but not the real deal. I'm thinking the new velodrome in Erie is going to go up fast, we may be riding a full 250M 41 degree track by end of summer. Dream come true? The materials are on site, the crew is working daily. But just like the indoor track it needs customers. They are building teams that will have scheduled track times, be sure to check out their website!

Regarding BIC...

Hi everyone, I hope your summers have been filled with lots of fun riding! I wanted to clarify that all of Boulder Indoor Cycling's assets within 3550 Frontier Avenue became property of the landlord/property manager several weeks ago, including the velodrome. Therefore, none of the BIC shareholders or board-members are responsible for or know anything about the future of the physical track itself, including any plans to move it to Las Vegas.

Steven Herzfeld

Post Script: I've personally had a dream/goal to open a velodrome in Las Vegas for a long time now, bummer that someone else got to it before me. The gambling revenue could be significant; gambling is what makes track racing so popular in Europe and Japan, and the stadium-style venue is uniquely well suited to spectators and gaming.